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what your dai li says about you

blackwall: home depot gets you uncomfortably sweaty

cassandra: youre a lesbian who wants a sugar mama

cullen: you somehow believe alistair was a white blond in dao

cole: you think ghosthunting is a dating servicd

dorian: u WOULD fuck a vampire and you dont care who knows it

harding: youre bitter that there hasnt been a dwarf LI yet and you wont let bioware forget it

iron bull: youre a monsterfucker

josephine: ur a very sweet person but u gotta calm down and put the caffiene down please for the love of god dont drink another energy drink

sera: lukas kristjansen (seras writer) is your nemesis and you will not let anyone forget it

solas: you feel like everything personally slights you, specifically, specifically you are inconvenienced by everything

vivienne: youre a butch who wants a femme gf to spoil but youll be damned if youre gonna talk to another girl

varric: lol

@damnagotchi I swear to fuck you are on some mindreader magic shit and ILU

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