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Royai Week is just over a month away and the mods are proud to finally present the prompt lists! This year things were done a little differently, and so you have a few choices when it comes to what prompts you want to do!

The week is running this year from Monday, June 11th to Sunday, June 17th. This year you have a choice of prompts to pick from, three for each day! 

We will be tracking the tag #royaiweek18, so remember to put that in your first five tags when the week begins!

Fandom-chosen prompts:

  • Day 1 - Parental!Royai
  • Day 2 - Pining
  • Day 3 - Whispers
  • Day 4 - Touching
  • Day 5 - Summer
  • Day 6 - Shoulder Holster
  • Day 7 - AU

Mod-chosen prompts:

  • Day 1 - Propinquity
  • Day 2 - Vibrancy
  • Day 3 - Spotlight
  • Day 4 - Temperance
  • Day 5 - Home
  • Day 6 - Seasons
  • Day 7 - Secrets

Picture prompts:

Click here for a description of the photos and for further information about the prompts.

We look forward to seeing what everyone will make for Royai Week 2018!!!

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