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May 03 2018

If you sent an anon to the Royai week blog last night that wasn’t answered, please send me a message. I understand your concerns and I wanna talk

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scrappy is better than flawless.


I don’t know if people realize this, but @magewardensurana/ @rizahawkebi has an FMA Mass Effect AU that she started writing a long time ago, but no one noticed it. You should check her and her fics out.


My life got better when I accepted that sometimes shit just doesn’t work out. You aren’t always going to get the job, the partner, the class, the internship or whatever else you care about. Sometimes shit hits the fan and you have to be okay with that. Every time your life falls to pieces you can’t hit the floor, you gotta get your shit together, let out a little cry and keep going. Like just bc shit doesn’t work out does not mean life is going terribly, it just means it wasn’t meant to be at this time and that’s A o fucking kay.

still not over the fact that i was almost late to my evolution final bc the evangelicals across the street had parked a big ass trailer behind my car

The first week of classes: Great! I go to the weed school now! I hate this!

After finals: I Would Die For This School

honestly in hindsight, i’m really glad i didn’t try to go to an ivy-league school

if there’s anything i’ve realized in my long and troubled academic career is that i learn 1000x times better from someone i could grab a beer with than from some elitist prick in a sweater vest


Shout out to writers who can’t do plots, who write about feelings and moments in time instead. I love reading those fics, and I love writing those fics. Keep on peering into the depths of characters’ hearts and souls in the little moments. You’re exploring the places where canon often fears to tread. 

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work song, from eden, and arsonist’s lullaby are my personal faves

arsonist’s lullaby is my jam but i haven’t heard the other two

oh well time to spend the next 10 days Panicking™

Me, alternately chugging beer + dr pepper: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

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As with everything, I’m VERY late but lesbian day of visibility was like a week ago and here I am. Witness me

May 02 2018

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America as a game map

houston is level cap but if you try to go down to corpus or the rio valley you get zoned back to houston

“When I walk down the street I need everyone to like me so much it’s exhausting” is the most relatable thing John Mulaney has ever said


Teacher: “I don’t get why you can’t get your work in on time or pay attention in class. It’s easy for all your classmates.”

Me, a child with ADHD:



The first time I’ve actually wanted to do course evals and they didn’t bring them around so I missed the chance to tell the university how great my professor is. And it’s even worse bc he’s the one who reads them so he would have gotten two very nice evals oops

ngl it’s gotten way easier and way more fun to write fic knowing it’ll never see the light of day


the dream is to write one of those big fics that ppl make fan art of all the time and that everyone has read but that requires me finishing a fic

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