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January 30 2018

Reblog with your eye color, zodiac sign and favorite season.




grey, capricorn, winter but also summer because the beach

green (sometimes blue tho), cancer, summer☀️

brown, aries, spring

January 29 2018

@Tumblr please stop showing me the post for the one time one of my fics ended up on a dedicated fic rec blog

it’s a really depressing reminder, especially when the notes never ever go up

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Not-so-bad-guy n°1 redraw

January 28 2018

hey, fma fandom!


i’m looking to compose a list of fullmetal alchemist blogs that are run by antis (anti pedophilia, incest or related ships, etc), so if you are could you reblog this post? i’m sure a lot of people could use it (myself included!)

would anyone actually be sad/disappointed if i didn’t write anything for v day?

January 27 2018

If I don’t come up with something soon this will be my first Valentine’s day without a fic in years



I have the window open and just saw a cat run by, followed by a lady shrieking “RASPUTIN!”

He strikes once again







People who prefer hot weather: Snow and ice are a pain, and the cold is just kind of uncomfortable even when you wrap up, you know?


you wouldn’t believe how many people reblogged this to whine about hot weather in the tags.

too cold? put on another layer!

too hot? change into thinner clothes!

still too cold? put on another layer!

still too hot? uh, get naked I guess?

still too cold? put on another layer!

still too hot? Ţ̡̜̮̗̟̯͘ͅA̛͈͎̤͙̳̦̱̜̺̪K̢̻̥̥̥̪̙̜̩̗̼̤̻̻͖͍̜͈͉͠ͅE̟͕̩͔̪͓͔̥̦͇̣͇̳͕͉͜ͅ ̠̝̥̖̭̦̼́͝O̩̦͓̠͉̲̲̱̪̹̻̼̭̯͎͈̕͢F̷̸̢̛̙͇͔̜̙̮̗̲̤͇̯͡F̧̨̱̤̲̫͕͔̼̭͙̠̙͙̹̻ͅ ҉̫̠͓̙̠͔̕͜͠Y͡҉̴̘̭̬̳́O̶̶̧͚̞̣̯̩̫̜̩͉̤͎͖̖͟ͅU̶̵̺̠̪̘̱̮̮̙̻͈̣̦̭͠͝͞R̨҉̦̺͓̩̺͖̘̪̥̺͚̱͚͔̪͓̖̰ ̷̸̺͇̳͇̖̥̻̳͚̗̥͙̪̣́S̡̞̳͖̭̯͉̻̠͔̥̹̫̣̼̹͇͜K͏̧͍̪̗̖̜̫̙̱̫͈̟̝̮͈̻̺̯̟̠̀Į̧̙͙͔̠͖̟̕͝Ǹ͖͎̳͍̪̱̞͇̺̘̩͘͜͠

The cold is easily shut out, the heat is inescapable hell

^^^^ rb if u agree

And then there’s people like me… who, once they are cold, will not be able to reheat themselves no matter how many layers they put on.

Bih, I don’t care how many wool socks I’ve got on, if my feet are cold then there’s NO HELPING ME. I am FROZEN. Cold is DEATH. Cold is slow, agonizing, inescapable PAIN. 3 down blankets? Won’t get warm unless I heat it up WHICH I CANNOT. Maybe my torso will stay warmish but THERE GOES ME EXTREMITIES.

January 26 2018

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I lost count of how many times I’ve watched it tbh.


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“Are you with me, lieutenant?”
“You really have to ask?”

Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist


Keira Knightley was SEVENTEEN in the first pirates of the caribbean movie and now she’s THIRTY and she looks EXACTLY THE SAME. And by “exactly the same” I mean at seventeen she looked like she was in her mid twenties and possessed beauty and elegance too perfect for this world, like the physical manifestation of the word ethereal, and can anyone actually discern any sign of her aging in the last 13 years? has she honestly ever aged? will she ever? I’d say it’s witchcraft or aliens but I think the most reasonable explanation is that she’s Keira Knightley 

January 25 2018

I got 100% on my lecture exam and probably aced the lab exam too

And now I gave to get ready for work so I once again have no time to write but it doesn’t really matter bc my motivation has completely dried up lately anyway

January 24 2018

@adhd mutuals, would you say aderall works better than ritalin? Bc I’m looking into going back on meds but I don’t really see the point when nicotine gum is both cheaper and more effective than ritalin ER ever was

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The other thing about my anatomty class is that, on top of being able to touch everything, we aren’t required to learn as many terms as my other class. Like, you’d think it’s important to know the superior orbital fissure or the foramen lacerum. NOPE completely unnecessary

January 23 2018

anyway this semester has actually been really good so far

last friday in lab i had this moment where i was holding up the brain of one of the cadavers and pointing out different structures to a classmate and it just kind of hit me all at once that every happy moment in this guy’s life, every person he’d ever loved, everything he’d ever done, everything that he was or had wanted to be–all of it was just sitting in my hands, completely indecipherable

i’ve gone through a lot of conflicted times in my life over religion and spirituality and the divine, but i can honestly say that was the most profoundly spiritual moment i’ve ever had

January 22 2018

college is such bullshit

1000 level intro classes: here are your fifty thousand assignments that will take up all your free time in the next fifteen weeks and will teach you absolutely nothing useful. also fuck you.

3000+ level classes: just come to lecture and pay attention. all your questions are going to be from the old edition of the textbook and we’ll go over them in class anyway

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