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June 27 2017



Game: You need to be about level 20 to defeat this boss!

Me: oh geez I better go do some grinding

Me, two weeks later overleveled by 80, returning to the boss: I’m your god now

Game: You need to be about level 20 to defeat this boss!

My level 2 ass who is about to have a come-to-Jesus meeting: that is just a recommendation right?

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The good news: my nasal passages are definitely more open
The bad news: more snot has arrived to fill the void

I went to the store for some nasal strips as a last ditch effort to actually be able to breathe while lying down without taking a shitton of Benadryl and got the neighborhood crows to talk to me. So even if this doesn’t work it wasn’t a total failure


I just remembered there’s no actual name for those little eye crusties you get when you wake up so reblog and tag what you call them

June 25 2017

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Royai Week 2017:

Day 5 - Letters

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Some sweet royai!! As unofficially requested by @inoki-mikan

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NATO Standard Phonetic Alphabet,

The phonetic alphabet was developed as a way to spell things out over radio communications that may be less then ideal, I.E. a lot of static or weak signal. All the words were chosen because they have a distinct sound that is easy to pick out. Military and police communications use the phonetic alphabet heavily and can be helpful to know for talking over CB’s or FRS (walky talky) radios.

I’m sorry guys, i had to

I cannot fucking believe it is the yEAR 2017 GOD DAMMIT

The worst part is, I knew exactly what that was going to be before I read it

And I still read it

i love how it deceptively starts with ‘if you can read this’


a family can be 5 lesbians on a farm

unfortunately, yes

i’m mildly horrified bc 1) you’re younger than me you shouldn’t be burdened w/ this knowledge and 2) apparently i think like a reptile furry

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holy damn

oh fuck no

If I die, I die with a mouthful of fried chicken and no regrets

Because the post doesn’t really explain, as a heads up the tick in question is the lone star tick. It’s a brown red tick with an iconic white dot on its back. Much bigger than a deer tick, it’s easier to spot but the above is true! A bite from a contaminated lone star tick can make you allergic to RED MEAT, so poultry and fish you’d still be good on.

Have fun this tick season folks and remember to always always wear tick repellent if you’re going off the sidewalk into leaf litter or tall grass. Lyme disease isn’t any better at all and is more prevalent. Ticks are not fun!

I have this and it’s definitely not fun. I miss pork and beef so much. This is a real thing, unfortunately.

I can’t stress this enough; PLEASE be cautious and definitely wear tick repellent.

Heres the area where it lives y’all! From wikipedia.

stay safe! hats and bug spray are your friends.

And an article explaining about it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/carmendrahl/2017/06/22/this-is-what-we-know-about-how-the-lone-star-tick-causes-meat-allergies/

Haha, this sounds ridiculous. I’m gonna look on Snopes and they’ll say it’s false and fjas;ljlsad HECK IT’S TRUE.

this is why i love myself and don’t go outside

are reptile furries called scalies asking for a friend

i have to stop putting shit in my pockets while i’m at work bc i swear one of these days i’m going to accidentally bring needles home


In all the discourse about things boys do (crack open a cold one, come to the yard, are back in town) not once has someone mentioned the good old boys drinking whiskey and rye and singing “this’ll be the day that I die” and I will not stand for this good old boys erasure

Your follower count is what Pokémon you are. What kind of Pokémon are you?


If your count is higher than 721, then divide by 2 until you reach the first number to land in the 1 - 721 range and round up!

I’m currently a Treecko.

June 24 2017

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Dragon Age: Inquisition                          

                           Companion Tarot Cards

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Slime mold was grown on an agar gel plate shaped like America and food sources were placed where America’s large cities are. 

The result? A possible look at how to best build public transportation. 

I just really like the idea of slime mold on a map of the US. It’s beautiful.


holy shit

I have a raging science ladyboner right now.

I’d love if we could do it on a state-by-state basis.

That same slime mold once affirmed that the Tokyo subway is pretty well-designed.  

Using slime molds as a calculator.

Using slime molds as a calculator.

Using slime molds as a calculator.

Natural computation: it’s a thing, and it’s awesome. What is the universe but a really, really complicated computer?

I love this.

For my wife



ppl who ship “Hot™” m/m ships with pedophilia and abuse as if gay men haven’t already spent years being stereotyped and depicted as predators



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I haven’t seen this info floating around Tumblr, so I’m putting it up here.

Starting June 30th, 2017, Tumblr users will no longer be able to log in to Tumblr using AT&T-affiliated email addresses! If that’s you, go get a new email address! The Tumblr Help Center had a list of domains that will no longer work, and instructions on how to switch to a new email address.

This isnt blog related, but most of my followers are on here, and I’m sure a fair chunk of y’all would like to know this

I thought for sure this was some sort bogus scare-tactic BS, but nope, it’s real.

Between this and Verizon forbidding Tumblr from weighing in on net neutrality issues anymore, I think we’ve jumped the shark folks.

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