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September 22 2017




Aside from the occasional football mascot, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a furry irl

Incorrect, you’ve never seen a FURSUIT irl. Furries are all around us hiding in plain sight.

u scaring me

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Why we need GMOs to survive climate change

Genetically modified organisms get a bad rap for many reasons, but we’ve actually been genetically altering what we eat since the dawn of human history.

“For 10,000 years, we have altered the genetic makeup of our crops,”explains UC Davis plant pathology professor Pamela Ronald.

“Today virtually everything we eat is produced from seeds that we have genetically altered in one way or another.” (You can read more about Ronald’s thoughts on genetically engineered food here.)

Right now her focus is on rice. It’s one of our basic crops and without it, we would struggle to feed much of the world.

With climate change, we’re seeing an increase in flooding in places like India and Bangladesh, which makes it harder to grow this important food staple.

So Ronald and her lab have developed a flood-tolerant strain of rice. It’s known as Sub1a or “scuba rice” and millions of farmers in South Asia are now growing it in their fields. 

Today is National Food Day, a day dedicated to hunger awareness. But as we focus on food insecurity, we need to talk more about how global warming will make the problem worse.

As our climate continues to heat up, it has huge impacts on what foods we are able to grow. Will our crops be able to survive droughts and floods? The University of California leads six labs that are working to develop other climate-resilient crops including chickpea, cowpea and millet.

Find out what other scientists are doing to improve our food.

Your daily reminder that GMOs are not evil - profit-mongering corporations are.

This is literaly what happens in nature. this gene ‘might’ have been able to transfer eventualy over time. so instead of waiting we just give the genes a little nudge,

see also the rice and bananas that were given a gene to produce vitamin A so that thousands of kids dont go blind due to vitamin A deficiencies


ALL OF THIS!!! When you discuss GMOs please be mindful to not conflate the science, which is good and vital, with the awful business practices of companies like Monsanto.

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#god this clock #the noises it made #we had one until it ‘fell’ off the wall one day #very mysteriously #i wonder how it did that #it was secured to the wall so well#how could it have fallen? #NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW #didnt help tho #still made noise (via alchemistc)

Friendly anti-Autism $peaks reminder for today:


- Autism Speaks was created after a couple decided they wanted a cure for their autistic grandchild

- The CEO has called Autism a “monster that is stealing our children

- There are no autistic people on the board for Autism Speaks

- A$ has furthered propaganda that claims autism is caused by external sources such as vaccines, gluten, and milk.

- A$ has produced short films demonizing the condition, claiming it will “destroy marriages” and you will “never know peace”.

- A$ has been condemned by both autistic people and mental health experts

- A$ is also classified by autistic people as a hate group

- A$ has recently allied with a group of bikers who are known for white supremacy

- Only 4% of A$ funds raised go to help families, with 33% going to media and lobbying.

Please do not give Autism Speaks a single cent of your money. Instead, consider donating to Autistic Women’s Network or Autistic Self-Advocacy Network instead.

taking longer is okay


i’m taking a year out from law school to retake some exams. i have to retake because when i took them over the summer, i was in the middle of a flare-up, could barely make it through the papers, spent one of them literally running out to throw up and was high on a cocktail of painkillers.

i was in no condition to sit them, but undergrad already took me longer and i didn’t want to take a year out, didn’t want to wait longer for the bar, and didn’t stop to consider slowing down. i pushed myself and it didn’t help, didn’t work

i went in yesterday to talk to my tutors, and they were so supportive. they told me not to worry. they said they would help however they could. one of them went through my exam paper with me, and his comments were so helpful: “you’ve got a really good legal mind here. you just needed more study, just a bit more information in the answers, and you’ll be great”

i went into the exams almost straight from *another* stint as an inpatient at the hospital. i should have given myself a break. given myself time

here is your official free pass to take a break. take longer than others might. that’s okay!! it’s not a reflection on your worth or value as a person. it doesn’t matter why you’re taking longer; if you need the time, take the time. don’t rush. life will still be there for you at the end




goth girls are cool but any jock girls online? 

they’re too busy taking out the goth girls

understandable i hope they all have great dates 

i should also note you guys are catching the tail end of a week-long existential crisis i’ve been going through so at least i’ve kept all of it off here until now right?

September 21 2017


19yo woman: my 34yo boyfriend-

me, immediately on the phone with the lesbian mafia: hello i’d like to order a hit

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It’s night time somewhere

i don’t want to be like ‘the internet ruins everything’ and ‘youth entitlement!’ but i think it maybe has to do with people getting more and more used to have a constant stream of content at their fingertips and taking it for granted. also the fma fandom is just particularly bad at this from what i’ve seen bc 1) its dying squirtle 2) um *coughs* recent fandom Dynamics

yeah, the FMA fandom is pretty bad. like even my favorite fic from The Days Of Yore doesn’t have all that many reviews for having been started while BH was still airing. plus, being persona non-grata even among the Royai side of the fandom (for reasons I don’t fully understand–it’s gotten worse recently and I haven’t Done anything?) just exacerbates it

I haven’t had much time for reading or writing lately, but I can tell you one thing, I started following you on Tumblr and have read most of your fanfiction because you are a very talented writer. I can only hope to aspire to be able to write as well ad you. You are very good at the showing not telling part of fanfiction that keeps your audience enthralled, keeping your characters in character and not writing the same damn boring ass plot as everyone else.

Thank you! Those are like, the three things I feel most insecure about too so that means a lot to hear that I’m actually doing a good job at them.

and i think people just dont leave comments these days!! i notice people who write fic do bc they Know but honestly friends and fellow writers are some of the only people i see leave actual feeback these days. i have a couple pynch fics that are doing quite well in terms of how my fics normally do (god bless actually active fandoms) and fics with 100 kudos will get like………….. 3 comments. idk what the deal w/ Kids These Days and comments is but nobody leaves them

there should be like a popup that forces people to leave comments before reading more fics imo. I remember back in the day, my shitty Harry Potter fics got more reviews than I get nowadays, and I never got negative ones either even though I was in middle school and a terrible writer. I *know* I’ve improved but I’ve gotten some really mean reviews and considering how few I get to start with, the fact that people would take their time to be nasty when people don’t even take the time to be nice anymore is Not Good. like I almost gave up on writing altogether to the point where I stopped writing papers for school and pulled C’s in classes I should’ve gotten B’s in just for not turning things in because I have so little faith in my own writing

I am literally BEGGING you, if you like this fic and want more of it, please leave a comment or review on either AO3 or FFN. It can be a thumbs up emoji, the word, “thank”, or even a single exclamation point. I don’t care! I just want feedback! I feel like a shit writer always because I never get any without fucking guilting people into it! But since that’s all I’ve got I’m gonna try it now!

AO3 || FFN










im going to start a thread of pokemon drawn to the sizes of the things theyre based on

here, i’ll start 


also this thread is open to anyone

A very small boi enters


!!!!! This is Zangoose she’s pointy and I love her

I chose the littlest ones cause the BIG ones were always tadpoles and the little ones were always poliwogs.

A pocket sized boy

i guess the idea is that “hits are a good thing!! it means a lot of people are reading your story/people are reading it again and again!” but in reality most authors take the fact that someone left kudos as a sign they did a good job, not just the fact that someone read the fic at all

fair enough, although that post you linked just depressed the hell out of me even more since people are apparently complaining about an average of 10-20% and i would KILL for that

which is why comments are so great because you can leave one on each chapter! (like i’m down for people just popping a thumbs up emoji and clicking submit that works for me) but my comment to hits ratio is something i try not to think about at all because it’s basically 0

to be fair if someone (including yourself) goes back to look at a fic it counts as a separate fic. also if they click on it to mark for later (almost all the fic i read is stuff i mark for later and then queue up to read eventually) so that would end up registering for one or two hits for a fic i have kudo’d yet bc i haven’t read it! i try not to think too hard about the hits v kudos my fics get bc it really means so little

wait what that’s completely stupid like??? if it can save the fact you’ve already read it so you can’t give kudos again on every single chapter, then it should be able to remember how many times the same person has clicked it and Not Count That

like there’s a Reason i ran so completely out of steam writing and have been stuck on chapter 5 for weeks and it’s because, like tinkerbell, i require applause to function as a writer

after awhile, this shit starts to eat at a writer until every single compliment sounds like a lie

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